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CDL Written Offices in Monticello, New Mexico

CDL Written offices in Monticello city, New Mexico

Silver City MVD

1876 Highway 180 East, 88061

(575) 538-3281

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Reserve MVD

101 Main Street, 87830

(575) 533-6235

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Deming MVD

700 E. Spruce St., 88030

(575) 546-2088

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Las Cruces Del Rey MVD

3291 Del Rey Blvd., Suite 10, 88012

(575) 647-2044

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Las Cruces MVD

505 S. Main St.,, Suite 357, 88001

(575) 524-6215

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Alamogordo MVD

263 C Robert H. Bradley Drive, 88310

(575) 437-9226

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CDL Written

In the USA there is a law called "Commercial Vehicles Security law", that establishes the requirements that a State must comply when issuing a commercial License. There are 3 different type of licenses:

Class A, for those vehicles that pass the 10.000 pounds of weight.

Class B, for those vehicles that has less than 10.000 òunds of weight.

Class C, for those vehicles that do not comply with the weights in class A or B but are designed to carry 16 passengers or more, or to carry dangerous goods materials.

The minimum age to apply for this license is 18 years old, except some exceptions in some States. Nevertheless, in case of interstate commerce it is essential that who applies counts with no less than 21 years of age. Previous to 1992, the year where this license was implemented, the requirements varied according to the State, as the commercial vehicles required special skills and knowledge.

The applicant wasn't always ready for this, and that led to a lot of accidents. From this year forward, after this law was released, the Federal HighWay administration (FHWA) developed some standard tests for those who wanted this special license, only those who successfully passed the written and the practice test could access the license.

The written test counts with a minimum of 30 questions about vial safety and parts of a trailer truck, to passmark is stated in 80 percent.

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