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Plates offices in Taos, New Mexico

Plates offices in New Mexico

Angel Fire MVD

27 Halo Pines Terrace, 87710

(575) 425-1028

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Espanola MVD

1121 Santa Clara Peak Road, 87532

(505) 753-4681

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Los Alamos MVD

997 Central Ave., 87544

(505) 662-4243

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Las Vegas MVD

2522 Ridge Runner Road, 87701

(505) 425-8122

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Santa Fe MVD

2546 Camino Entrada, 87507

(505) 476-1599

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Raton MVD

1277 S 2nd St, Suite B, 87740

(575) 445-3919

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Cuba MVD

16 B E Cordova St, 87103

(575) 289-2538

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16B Cordova St, 87013

(575) 289-2538

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425 Chicosa St., 87743

(575) 485-2541

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In the States, the plates or vehicle plates generally possess between 5 to 7 characters, depending on the State where the plate is being issued you can find different alphanumeric combinations.

These are usually assigned in ascending order except some exemptions, therefore, someone who is familiarized with this can determine approximately in what moment the plate was issued.

In some States, the last two digits of the plate inform its expiration date.

Right now, the style of these plates may vary according to the State, but most of them show the name and the design from the State where it was issued, and the alphanumeric code over a reflective plate.

There are also different Special diplomatic plates, issued by the State Department to those who are entitled for it. Those plates can count with a letter (that represents the State where it is issued), two more letters (that represent the country code), and then, three or four random numbers. Or well, four numbers, two letters to identify the country and another letter to identify the State where it is issued.

This is the case for the identification of plates issued for the ONU vehicles.

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