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Plates offices in Iron, Utah

Plates offices in Iron, Utah

Plates offices in Utah

Cedar City DMV (Registration & Title)

82 North 100 East #103, 84720

(435) 865-5360

Office details

Parowan Registration & Title

68 South 100 East, Assessor's Office, 84761

(435) 477-8320

Office details

Milford DMV (Registration & Title)

451 N Main St, 84751

(435) 387-5571

Office details

Motor Vehicle Office (Registration & Title)

100 South 5300 West, 84737

(800) 368-8824

Office details

Duchesne DMV (Registration & Title)

734 N. Center St., County Administration Building, 84021

(435) 738-1225

Office details

Beaver DMV (Registration & Title)

105 E Center St.,, 2nd Floor, 84713

(435) 438-6400

Office details

Junction DMV (Registration & Title)

550 North Main, County Courthouse, 84740

(435) 577-2988

Office details

Kanab DMV (Registration & Title)

180 West 300 North, Kane County Assessor, 84741

(435) 644-2647

Office details

Richfield DMV (Registration & Title)

250 North Main, 84701

(800) 368-8824

Office details

Brigham City DMV (Registration & Title)

81 North Main Suite 101, County Courthouse, 84302

(435) 734-3392

Office details

Delta DMV (Registration & Title)

71 South 200 West, 84624

(435) 864-1400

Office details

Manti DMV (Registration & Title)

160 North Main, 84642

(435) 835-2101

Office details

Nephi DMV (Registration & Title)

160 North Main, County Courthouse, 84648

(435) 623-3420

Office details

Castle Dale DMV (Registration & Title)

75 East Main, 84513

(435) 381-3545

Office details

Price DMV (Registration & Title)

751 East 100 North #1500, 84501

(800) 368-8824

Office details

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In the States, the plates or vehicle plates generally possess between 5 to 7 characters, depending on the State where the plate is being issued you can find different alphanumeric combinations.

These are usually assigned in ascending order except some exemptions, therefore, someone who is familiarized with this can determine approximately in what moment the plate was issued.

In some States, the last two digits of the plate inform its expiration date.

Right now, the style of these plates may vary according to the State, but most of them show the name and the design from the State where it was issued, and the alphanumeric code over a reflective plate.

There are also different Special diplomatic plates, issued by the State Department to those who are entitled for it. Those plates can count with a letter (that represents the State where it is issued), two more letters (that represent the country code), and then, three or four random numbers. Or well, four numbers, two letters to identify the country and another letter to identify the State where it is issued.

This is the case for the identification of plates issued for the ONU vehicles.

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