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Registration offices in Jackson, Kansas

Registration offices in Kansas

Jackson County Treasurer's Office

400 New York Ave., County Courthouse, Room 206, 66436

(785) 364-3791

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Jefferson Co. Treasurer's Office

300 West Jefferson St., County Courthouse, 66066

(785) 863-2691

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Nemaha County Treasurer's Office

607 Nemaha St., County Courthouse, 66538

(785) 336-2106

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Brown County Treasurer's Office

601 Oregon St., County Courthouse, 66434

(785) 742-2051

Office details

Doniphan County Treasurer's Office

120 East Chestnut St., County Courthouse, 66087

(785) 985-3831

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Marshall County Treasurer's Office

1201 Broadway, County Courthouse, 66508

(785) 562-5364

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There are different options to renovate the driving license. The first option is to do it via Internet, to do it online, the applicant must possess the plates license and the last five digits of the vehicle Identification Number; in case of a vessel or boat you will need the Hull Identification Number, and the smog certification; last, you will need to have the renewal notice with your current home address.

At the moment of the renewal the applicant must not have any doubt or infraction. Once the applicant has processed the renewal, he or she will receive a sticker within the next 5 days with the renovated plate.

The second option is through a DMV auto service terminal (Department of Motorized Vehicles), there you can have the new sticker instantly. Apart from the registry renewal, you can operate other formalities from there, like paying the restitutio fare for suspension of the vehicle plate, present or renew the affidavit of a non-used vehicle, among others.

These kinds of terminals help to avoid waiting lines and to make more efficient and fast transactions, you may use these terminals for all kinds of vehicles,pickups, motorcycles, house trailers and commercial vehicles that don't need a commercial plate.

The last option for registry renewal is through the BPA (Business Partners Automatization program). The DMV allows that business partners have the chance to process and issue license plates, enabling decals and plates among others.

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